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Personal Quality Care
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    Personal Quality Care (PQC), LLC, is a family owned business that provide personal care assistance to clients who reside at Sterling Place (Senior Independent Living), located 22800 Civic Center Drive, Southfield, MI 48033. We provide 24/hr service which is On-Site and designed to meet the individual's lifestyle, activities of daily living (ADL) and personal budgets. Our staff not only consist of licensed and cerrtified professionals, but also these individuals have over 30 years of pratice in their medical and counseling profession:

    • Registered (RN) and Licensed Practical (LPN) Nurses that address medical concerns and monitor patient medication
    • Licensed Counselor, to address the personal, emotional mental and social concerns


    “I'm happy they have strong young men here to help me get in and out of my wheelchair when I go to take a shower. My family feels good knowing that I am safe.”

                                                 Audrey Sellers

    “Whenever I cannot make it downstairs to dinner, they make sure I get my meals delivered to my apartment and if I am on the go, they have it all packed up.”

                                                 Audrey Sellers

    “I often to forget to take my medication, but the sweet young lady here, makes sure that I get all my medications on time and everyday.”

                                                     Betty Taylor

    “I'm a happy client, they take very good care of me. They help me with my medication.”

                                               Ralph Pearlman